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About Intuition Is My Forte

Darlene is a natural intuitive. from a young girl, she would stun adults with her uncanny ability to read people with high accuracy. Darlene prefers a more practical style of consulting situations concerning, family, children, relationships, friendships, dating, marriage, divorce, job issues, the future, your past, and predicting upcoming events, etc.

Darlene specializes in bringing clarity to a confusing situation. Darlene’s intuitive information for her clients is honest, and direct Darlene recommends that everyone who purchases an Intuitive Consult with her refrain from being attached to a particular outcome and be open to being intuitively coached to move forward in their life successfully.

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Personal Intuitive Consultations

Subjects: personal self-issues, relationships, marriage, personal struggles, friendships, children’s inquiries, family, siblings, pets, past, future, travel, divorce, career, job, relocating, No financial questions please in this consultation. Call or email for an appointment and provide your time zone.
You may contact me free of charge to inquire if I can work with your unique situation. All new client specials will be emailed an invoice. Return customers use the PayPal button below.    New Client Special:  $36.00 for 12 minutes.

Age requirement for all Intuitive Consultations are 25 years and up.

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Business Consultations

Darlene will provide solutions to how your business is doing? And employee evaluations, financial analysis, should you partner/merge with another company? Ideas to improve departments in your business, solutions to business struggles, should you start a new business?  Email me your request. I will send you a quote. New Business Client Special 20% off
(30-minute limit)

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